The Metropolitan Museum Of Art In NY Examines Punk Fashion

Category: Media & Culture / May 06, 2013 2:19PM EDT
The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has prepared an exhibition honoring the history of punk fashion, highlighting trends from the 1970’s through 2013. The display is broken up into seven galleries and starts with an homage to the New York punk club CBGB and then goes on the celebrate Malcolm McClaren and Vivienne Westwood and London's contribution to punk. Punk's "do-it-yourself" niche is showcased in the last four rooms with a focus on chains, spikes and trash bags. "I think there is various levels. I think the deepest level is how punk was all about celebrating the individual. Celebrating creativity and not being afraid to be brave in your self-presentation. And to be brave in your fashion statements. Punk was all about challenging the status quo and challenging what we mean by beauty. And I think all those elements have very much impacted fashion," said curator Andrew Bolton. British designer Zandra Rhodes proudly stood next to two of her designs. "It's great to see them in context because if you look at the dates they are the same time as the Vivienne Westwood ones and at least 12 years before the Versace Elizabeth Hurley dress. So it was really taking hardware and turning into couture at the same time that you got all the stuff going on in the street," said Rhodes who first became popular in the 1970s. Punk's distinguishing features include safety pins, razor blades, studs and rips, things Rhodes had fun turning into couture. "Why shouldn't a tear and a safety pin and chain be as fabulous as using sequins and color. So it was for me an adventure into black in to adventure chains and safety pins. Of course I can't say that it was a great seller from my end of the couture market. But they're now collector's pieces," Rhodes told Reuters. The opening of the exhibit will be celebrated with the museum's annual star-studded Costume Institute gala benefit later on Monday night. Video Source: Reuters