Mexican Navy Arrests Nine Los Zetas Drug Cartel Members And Seizes Weapons

Category: World / Oct 24, 2012 4:28PM EDT
Mexican marines arrested nine alleged Los Zetas drug cartel members and seized more than half a ton of marijuana, dozens of weapons - including five rocket-propelled grenades - and cash from the men. The men - seen in video footage provided to the media by the navy - were arrested in separate events on Tuesday (October 22) while marines patrolled the area. Most of the operations included high-speed car chases, inspection of warehouses, anonymous tip-offs and arrests made at highway routine checkpoints. One of those arrested was a fugitive from the Piedras Negras prison, where more than 130 inmates managed to escape last month in one of the worst jailbreaks the country has suffered in recent years. The ultra-violent Zetas have been a big thorn in the side of President Felipe Calderon, who staked his reputation on stopping the country's warring cartels when he took office six years ago. More than 60,000 people have since died in the violence.