The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: Review

Category: Technology / Mar 14, 2014 11:54AM EDT

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a new dungeon-crawler from Ubisoft; the same studio we know for publishing Assassin’s Creed. This time around, they’ve tried their hands at a free game.

You have to know this going in: The Mighty Quest isn’t a deep game. Its gameplay is tried and true, and there’s not much behind the surface - you attack other players’ castles, kill monsters, avoid traps, and steal their loot. Then you do it again, and again, and occasionally take a break to beef up your own castle’s defenses.

There are three characters you can play for free: the knight, the mage, and the archer, which I picked. They all play very predictably; there’s no surprises here. +

Is there a story? Nope, not really - don’t expect a Diablo narrative here. The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is simplistic. And that’s why it’s good.

No pretense, no attachment, and best of all -- no money!

If you had to pay ten bucks for this game, it’d still be pretty good. But consider that The Mighty Quest is completely free -- it’s an oddity.

It’s a free game that is, surprisingly, well-executed. Is it a bit shallow? Sure, there are no dark secrets to be discovered, but you should still give this game some space on your PC.