Million Dollar Bionic Man Goes On Display

Category: Technology / Feb 06, 2013 8:56AM EDT
Robotics experts have built a million-dollar bionic man, complete with artificial organs, synthetic blood and robot limbs. London's Science Museum will display the artificial man, costing almost 640,000 pounds (GBP) (1 million USD approx.), to the public on Thursday (February 7). The 6ft 6in bionic man was built by a team of leading robotics for a documentary. Swiss social psychologist Bertolt Meyer who was at London’s Science Museum on Tuesday will feature in the documentary: "One of my personal favorites is the artificial blood that runs through these tubing’s, because this is made of Nano-particles that are able to bind oxygen and give them off, just like real blood can do, but this isn't real blood, this is Nano-particles. I thought that was absolutely science fiction, so I felt that was very, very impressive. Also the fact that they are very close to an implantable artificial kidney that will actually be able to replace a failing kidney without the necessity of a kidney transplant. So think of the great benefits technology like that would bring. I knew fairly much about prosthetic limbs apparently, but what we are close to accomplishing in terms of artificial organs - I find that absolutely mind boggling." The bionic man incorporates some the latest advances in prosthetic technology, including an artificial pancreas, and a functional blood circulatory system. The project is supported by a Welcome Trust People Award which aims to help the public explore biomedical science