Millionaire Space Tourist Unveils Mission To Mars

Category: Society / Feb 28, 2013 9:21AM EDT
Dennis Tito a space tourist millionaire has announced plans to send a man and a woman near planet Mars in January 2018. The flight which will take 501 days will go past the red planet and back to Earth as part of his “Mission for America”. At a news conference in Washington Tito explained how the mission was ‘easy’: "We fly within a hundred miles of Mars. I mean that is essentially being there. It's just that easy, to go out, swing by, use the gravitational shift of Mars and come back to earth, just like a boomerang, you don't need to have any propulsive maneuvers. It's really simple." The Mission set for 2018 will give the crew 600 cubic feet of living space, with well shielded sleeping quarters that will be a safe haven if solar storms erupt. The quarters will be tight living for a year and a half, but the trip will be once in a lifetime and for most, a dream that would remain just that, a dream Video Courtesy OF Reuters