Minecraft Hits PS3 And Microsoft Is In The TV Biz

Category: Technology / Dec 16, 2013 5:02PM EDT

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It looks like Microsoft is ready try its hand as the media king of consoles. Early next year, Microsoft will launch its first set of original shows to stream on the Xbox One and 360 for Xbox Live members. A yearly membership to Xbox Live currently costs $60.

Better late than never - the Playstation 3 is finally getting a version of Minecraft, the ultra-popular block-builder. Sony has stated that this version will be identical to the Xbox 360 version, and receive updates on the same schedule. A Ps4 release is slated for next year.

And finally: Android users found a tool in KitKat’s latest update, allowing them to control what privacy and location information was collected by which apps. But Google has since axed the hidden feature, saying its inclusion in the update was “unintended.”

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