Miraculous Rescue: Woman Pulled From Rubble Of Bangladesh Collapse After 17 Days

Category: Politics / May 10, 2013 1:32PM EDT


17 days ago Bangladesh was hit with the worst building crash in its history with a death toll of over 1,000. But one woman made a miraculous escape, after being trapped under the rubble for 17 days. Hundreds of on-lookers cheered with hope as the woman was pulled from the site of mass death.

She seemed weak, pale and was unable to talk but she was alive and had survived a traumatic ordeal.  She was taken away in an ambulance to receive care at the hospital.  The woman was rescued as the struggle to find survivors was nearing an end. Her story of courage and survival will no doubt give the people a glimpse of hope in a time of tragic loss and death.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters