Moscow Unfazed By Heaviest Snowfall In 50 Years

Category: World / Mar 15, 2013 11:21AM EDT
Moscow residents and visitors went about their activities on Friday (March 15) unfazed by the snowfall that forecasters predicted would dump the most snow in the capital for 50 years. City workers flooded the streets of Moscow to tackle the amount of snow and make the life of pedestrian’s a little bit easier, shoveling sidewalks and plowing main thoroughfares, while the mayor's office urged citizens to skip driving their cars and use public transport instead. The weather in Moscow started to change from frosty and dry to a heavy snowfall on Wednesday (March 13), and local authorities promised to use more than 15,000 snow-ploughs to tackle the amount of snow to fall on the city. Weather forecasters predicted up to 25 centimeters of snow would fall in Moscow by the end of this week. Video Source: Reuters