Move Over Owling and Planking, It’s Horsemaning Time

Category: Offbeat / Aug 15, 2011 11:49AM EDT
Umm, in case you haven’t heard, the cool kids on the block are just about done with owling...oh yeah and planking. Apparently that was last month. Today, the craze is horsemaning and yes everybody’s doing it. What is horsemaning? Are you serious you don’t know? Wow. Well, horsemaning is when two or more people pose for a photo, with one hiding their head and the other hiding their body to make it seem as if they’ve been beheaded. Inspired by a 1920s image of two young girls posing on a park bench working their illusory magic, the practice has caught on like wildfire and is now the latest Facebook happening and a super easy way to win a coveted like. In case you’re still clueless to that which is owling...owling actually replaced planking just a few weeks ago and involves a photo pose where one crouches and perches like an owl. How do we know that owling replaced planking, well, because of the Facebook page called, Owling: The Evolution of Planking. Most likely none of this is news to you and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had separate albums of each on your Facebook pages, but for the uninitiated, if you haven’t figured it out by, planking is basically a pose where you’re stiff as a plank in the most unlikely of places. At first it sounds kind of funny, but then when you see pictures of it you quickly begin to realize how in this case the evolutionary process was lightning fast. So there you have it. Horsemaning, it’s the new thing and it’s funny. Get to work.