Movie Star Saves Wallaby From Crocodile Infested Waters

Category: Media & Culture / May 03, 2013 1:37PM EDT
A movie star took his heroic role off the screen and into the real world, when he saved a wallaby from crocodile infested waters. The star Julian Lewis Jones was filming when he saw a wallaby swimming in Darwin, Australia: "It must have come out to a beach or something, chased by a dingo. Must have gone in the water, in a state of panic, and swam and just kept on swimming, and then all of a sudden it's in the middle of Darwin Harbor. And there we are two Welsh men and an Irish man rescues a Wallaby. So the timing is perfect." The Welsh actor rescued the struggling wallaby and pulled it into the fishing boat out of harm’s way. He then gave the wallaby some water before it hopped away. The actor is best known for his roles in “Invictus” and “Zero Dark Thirty” but now he can add animal rescue to his impressive Hollywood resume. Video Courtesy Of Reuters