MTV Releases Documentary Entitled Human Traffic: China

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 04, 2013 12:39PM EDT

MTV launched a new documentary "in Beijing on Wednesday (September 4), aiming to raise public awareness of human trafficking in China.

The United Nations estimates that out of two million women and children trafficked every year, 30 percent of the cases are in Asia.

"Human Traffic: China" was produced by MTV EXIT's (End Exploitation and Trafficking) campaign, which works with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

An annual U.S. State Department report had recently cited Russia and China among the world's worst offenders in fighting forced labor and sex trafficking.

The U.S. designation drops Russia and China, which already often are at odds with Washington, in the same category as North Korea and Iran.

The report said China's one-child policy and preference for sons has led to fewer women in the country, thus increasing demand for women as brides or prostitutes.

MTV's 36-minutes documentary tells three stories from victims of human trafficking, also including interviews with their families, a convicted trafficker and police.

"(This documentary is) to educate Chinese audiences about what the current situation of trafficking is right here in China. So looking at the merging trends of both trafficking of male and female, you know people, and also children as well. So it's looking at kind of a collection of stories to tell the current situation of human trafficking in China," said Matt Love, Director of MTV EXIT.

Human trafficking can take many forms - from prostitution to forced labour such as migrant work or domestic servitude - and children also can be victims. Perpetrators are difficult to track and largely circulate in the private economy, although cases can involve rebel groups or national authorities.

MTV EXIT has previously worked with international stars as Angelina Jolie and South Korean pop sensation Rain.

Video Credit: Reuters