Mud, Filth And Fun: Swamp Soccer World Cup Takes Place In Scotland

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 02, 2013 11:04AM EDT

The annual Swamp Soccer World Cup spread dirt and grime to Blairmore Scotland over the weekend in a presentation of one of the filthiest games in the world. The five side pitch was filled with gallons of water as all grass was removed, the game was set and it was filthy.

The players braced themselves for a game of fun, filth and chaos with the game that originated in Finland. The participants were excited about the unique sport:

““It's very hard. It's tiring. It's an effort to run especially on this first pitch here. It's a bit more of a swamp than the other pitch, so trying to kick the ball or anything is difficult."

Each team had six players, and the idea is not to get stuck in the mud, and to keep the ball from sinking. Players are prohibited from changing their shoes during the game as they turned into what looked like swamp monsters covered in dirty mud.

But the players didn’t seem to mind the mess they had become, nor did the spectators watching on.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters