Mursi Addresses Egyptian Nation

Category: Politics / Dec 26, 2012 3:10PM EDT
Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi urged all political powers on Wednesday (December 26) to take part in a national dialogue to resolve lingering tensions and promised to take necessary steps to heal the economy. In his first address to the nation since the adoption of a new constitution, he said he was considering possible cabinet changes and planned to introduce incentives to make Egypt a more attractive investment destination. "To all Egyptian people, you kind people, men and women, we stand today to celebrate our new constitution. It's a historic day. Egypt and Egyptians now have a free constitution -- it's not a grant from a King, imposed by a president or imposed by an occupier. It's a constitution selected by the Egyptian people at their own free will," he said in a televised speech. "Because of the result (of the referendum), in order to build the nation we must all come together, which is why dialogue has become a necessity we cannot do without. We all seek within this framework a dialogue on national unity over issues we face in the future," he said. -Reuters