Nearly 50 Pilot Whales Found Beached In Chile's Strait Of Magellan

Category: Technology / Feb 26, 2013 10:52AM EDT
Close to 50 beached pilot whales were discovered in southern Chile's Strait of Magellan on Sunday (February 24). Fishermen in the area were the first to notice the pod of short-finned pilot whales stranded ashore. After notifying the Chilean army, the fishermen worked to get as many of the massive mammals - most of which were over 20 feet long - back to sea. At first the fishermen were worried the wales were dead, but one said that at least 80% were still alive. While the reasons behind whale beachings are still unclear, pilot whales are a species that commonly strand themselves on beaches around the globe. Male pilot whales, which are normally dark black and larger than their female counterparts, can grow to about six meters (20 feet) and tip the scales at as much as three tons (6613 lbs) . Video Source: Reuters