New Dance Craze Goes Viral, How Do You Shake?

Category: Society / Feb 15, 2013 4:17PM EDT
Move over ‘Gangnam Style’, there is a new dance move taking the world by storm called the ‘Harlem Shake’ and it is already viral on YouTube. In Harlem New Yorkers participated in their own version of the dance move: "I think it's a neat dance. It has to do a lot with Harlem, which is the type of place that's about music and a lot of things that come from here is great. Dancing, a lot of artists, so I think that it's great that it's a nice dance for kids to pass on." "I love it. I think it's really great. Everyone's always adding their own twist to it and stuff, so it's always individual, I think, so everyone has their own techniques." The shake originally begun in the 1980’s but was given new life when it was incorporated into an electronic dance track by a 23 year old Brooklyn DJ. The question is will the ‘Harlem Shake’ have enough charm to beat the first video on YouTube to receive one billion views- ‘Gangnam Style’. Latest figures reveal that it’s not impossible as the shake got over 10 million hits and counting Video Courtesy Of Reuters