New Dinosaur Unearthed In Utah: Meet The ‘King Of Gore’ Relative Of The T-Rex

Category: Technology / Nov 07, 2013 9:37AM EDT

A relative of The Tyrannosaurus Rex was unearthed in Utah and this dinosaur which is being referred to as the “king of Gore” is the “Great Uncle” of the T-Rex.  The bones found appear to be over 10 million years old, and this dinosaur is 24 foot long with large teeth making this species a serious predator of its time, despite being smaller than the T-Rex.

Mark Loewen from the University of Utah revealed the significance of the discovery:

"This animal, which we have named Llythronax Argestes, the name actually means gore king from the South West. This animal is 80 million years old, and at 80 million years old, it is the oldest Tyrannosaur of the derived group of Tyrannosaurs that lived here in North America, that includes T. Rex."

This dinosaur is believed to have been one of the biggest predators when it roamed the planet hence the ‘King of Gore’ being over 80 million years old. The characteristic it shares with the T-Rex is seen through its tiny arms, thick skull and forward facing eyes.

These bones that have been unveiled at the Natural History Museum in Utah were set between layers of volcanic ash. The team of scientists then assembled the bones, and now will continue to study them so they may find out more about this predator.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters