New Documentary Exposes Secret Community Of Living Dolls: Meet The Men Behind The Masks

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 30, 2014 2:50PM EDT

A small community of men, from all around the world, walks of life, and backgrounds live seemingly average lives. But what unites them is their own unique hobby, when they pull on a female rubber suit, add a wig and pull down their mask; It is in that moment that they take on the role of becoming a living doll. They are known as ‘Maskers’ and a new documentary will share their stories to the world.

The show’s creators Luke Malone and Nick Sweeney spoke to IBTimesTV about their documentary titled, ‘Who Are The Maskers? Secrets Of The Living Dolls’. They discussed with us what initially attracted them to the unique project and what they discovered through their journey of filming.

The documentary will air in the US this spring on Logo. Then you can decide for yourself what you think of these men and the double lives they lead, is it harmless or plain strange?