New Jersey Still Shattered, One Month After Sandy

Category: Society / Nov 29, 2012 6:38PM EDT
One month after Superstorm Sandy, devastation lingers even as a massive clean up operation is underway in New Jersey. In Seaside Heights, Sandy brought several feet of water across the width of the island from the sea to the bay after it slammed ashore on October 29. The wooden boardwalk was buckled and swollen, and the beach littered with shorn electrical wires, slabs of broken concrete and shattered planks. Work crews continued to clear the debris. "After one month, you see the company Sussex Contractor doing a good job cleaning up, removing and remediating all this waste to the waste site over there. Everything looks like it's coming along "You should have seen it the first day they let us in. It just reminded me of those movies, those futuristic movies where everybody died of a virus or something and you walk around and there is nobody around. That's pretty much how it's been." ."There was just one house here and four other ones I had here and they are all gone. One at a time, they just picked up and blew away," "People really need the help now, not later. So they need to get it expedited as quickly as possible," Tens of thousands of people remain displaced by the storm.