New ‘Pestaurant’ Serves Customers Crickets, Worms And Scorpions

Category: Media & Culture / Aug 16, 2013 2:03PM EDT

A pop up restaurant by the name of ‘Pestaurant’ in London has opted not to serve the traditional English meal of fish and chips but instead is offering a more unique dining experience: Passer byers were treated to roasted scorpions, vinegar crickets and mealworms.

Customers lined up near St Peter’s Cathedral on Thursday and seemed excited to taste the interesting menu:

"Crunchy and like a kind of like crisp flavor"

"This is better than crisps, yeah, it is better for the kids yeah."

"I tried the mealworms and the worm. Crunchy. The mealworms have got more flavor, but I think it is because they've got a dusting of something, but yeah, definitely crunchy, that's the best way to describe it."

People in London appear to be embracing the new adventurous diet of bugs, as new information floods in about their nutritional value. In addition, edible insects were described by the United Nations as a potential source of food for the world’s population that is rapidly growing.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters