New Species of Black Leopard Cat Discovered

Category: Science / Mar 28, 2012 12:41PM EDT

A species of black leopard unknown to science has been captured on film in the Sunderbans, in Eastern India and Bangladesh. The times of India reported seeing this amazing discovery through camera traps that were set up to capture footage of tigers, but instead discovered a new species of never before seen cats.

The animal has been described as being a small black cat with a long tail, and its specie is unknown to zoologists, but it is believed to be related to the black leopard. The new species is bigger than a wild cat but smaller than the more familiar leopard. There is a possibility that the cat is a melanistic leopard-cat, which is black all over but officials are saying it's more likely to be an entirely new species.

The Sunderbans is the only tiger reserve in India where no leopards have ever been spotted. And now it appears that an entirely new species of a black leopard has been discovered.