Newsweek Editor Jim Impoco Talks About The ‘New’ Newsweek

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 06, 2014 5:23PM EDT

Newsweek is back in print and causing a stir on social media with their cover story “The Face Behind Bitcoin” by Senior Finance Editor Leah McGrath Goodman. The story profiles Satoshi Nakamoto as the mysterious founder of the infamous cryptocurrency. While some are applauding the story, others are outraged, and concerned for the safety of the bitcoin creator.

The choice to use this story as the cover was an easy one for Newsweek’s Editor-in-Chief Jim Impocco. He put it quite simply, this was the best story. Talking with IBTimes Impoco was excited about the next chapter for Newsweek.

Despite the controversial backlash, Impoco stands by the story and said he wouldn’t change a thing. The topic of Bitcoin’s is a hot issue and Impoco knew this would cause strong reactions.

For Newsweek this cover story will be a hard act to follow. The thought of the next edition will “keep my up at night,” Impoco said. Newsweek is back and “ready to make a little noise.”