Nixon Tapes Released: Looking Into The Secret World Of The White House

Category: Politics / Aug 22, 2013 10:13AM EDT

340 hours of secret tapes recorded by former President of The United States Richard Nixon were released on Wednesday. The tapes that were recorded in a three month period in 1973 mainly highlight domestic and foreign policy issues.

The tapes are hugely significant in terms of their historical value but they also give people a very rare glimpse into the secretive world of the White House and the duties of the President. This was explained further by Gregory Cumming, who works at the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in California:

"I always think it is fascinating in the President's own words, what he is thinking about other presidential leaders," said Cumming. "That is what you get here, you get his unvarnished thoughts and his interaction with someone like Brezhnev. It is very interesting and I think it is very important for scholars to hear the discussion of what is going on in the Oval Office with these very important leaders."

Nixon resigned from office in August of 1974, the White House taping system installed by him in 1971 was then dismantled. While the quality of some of the tapes or poor, they offer a great view on the politics of the time, and important conversations that cultivated American history.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters