Nobel Peace Prize Shines With Star Power

Category: Society / Dec 11, 2012 11:33AM EDT
It was a star studded Hollywood affair as Sarah Jessica Parker and Gerard Butler shined at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, Press Conference in Norway this morning. Other celebrities that were there included Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo and Seal. Gerard Butler, Ne-Yo and Jennifer Hudson explained in their words the significance of the prize: "Watching Gladiator, the very opening, you still, even there, you got the Huns fighting the Italians, the Romans. It never stopped and we came to live like that and I think nowadays we take it for granted, in a way, that we live in peaceful times and I think that what is beautiful about this award is to remind us of that we can't ever take peace for granted. And that in actual fact, there has been such a huge amount of work by so many people and taking us to a place where these members’ states are so interwoven socially, economically in every way, that war is almost impossible. So we can bitch about many different things, and there is plenty to bitch about - we're not getting away from that - but this is 60 years of peace, and that is something pretty incredible." "One of the best quotes I've ever heard is 'be the change you want to see'. So with that being said, I make sure that when you're looking at me, you're going to see something positive, you're going to see something peaceful. I'm going to be that change," he said. "We are the ones that the kids are looking up to these days, so set a good example. And I feel as though we're not here just to be famous or just to, you know, be in the limelight. If you're not making a difference, then what's the point? It only matters when you take the time to help somebody else, to change the world and make it a better place, so that's why it is an honor, I think for all of us, to be here to