Non Profit Groups Attending UN Doha Meeting Warn Climate Is At 'Dangerous' Turning Point

Category: World / Nov 26, 2012 1:22PM EDT
Non-profit organizations attending the United Nations climate conference expressed grave concern on Monday (November 26) that this was the last chance for talks to yield a globally significant target on climate change. Speakers said both nations and non-government organizations were failing to do enough. "One of the big issues we are seeing now is an unwillingness from NGOs to ask for what is not politically unfeasible, because what's politically feasible is completely inadequate in terms of what we need to see," said Forest Expert Kate Dooley. International experts from the Climate Action Network (CAN) will present their position and detail what a Doha package must contain in order to proceed towards a fair and binding deal. "We are seeing right now with 0.8 degrees of observed warming the impacts that you've seen around the world, including in the United States in the last year, devastating impacts related to climate change," said Union of Concerned Scientists representative Alden Mayer. "If we don't get our act together to think that it is politically realistic to try to stay two and a half times that 1.8 degrees, than we have already experienced is crazy."