Number of Poor in U.S. Hits New Record, Causing Aid Problems

Category: US Society / Dec 28, 2012 4:04PM EDT
The number of the poor in the US has increased to 46 million from 31 million by the end of last century, hitting the new record, US Census Bureau released. Since financial crisis in 2008, the number of US poor that registered on all kinds of poverty aid organization has increased by about 60 percent, most living on food stamp that the government gives out. Qualified poverty family can get certain number of food stamp and then exchange them for food in certain markets. Statistics released by Congressional Budget Office suggested that a three-people family can get food stamps worth about 400 dollars a month. In 2011 fiscal year of the US, the total expenditure of food stamp was 75 billion dollars. It's still on the way of rising even though the US economy has increased continuously for a while. It's predicted that it will increase to about 80 billion dollars in 2014 fiscal year. With the New Year coming, homeless people in New York City are going to make their New Year resolution to fill up. It's released in August by Coalition for Homeless, a US aid organization, that there were 46,000 homeless people living in New York City, and the number keeps growing. Some non-profit organizations began to help the homeless with their meal. One of them set up poverty thresholds named Soup Kitchen, in which the homeless and the poor can have a free meal every day. One Soup Kitchen can give out 1,200 meals each day, but the large number of people who need aid makes non-profit organizations feel powerless. "This year we had served an additional 11,000 meals than we had served last year. So it's increasing all the time. The biggest challenge is that just as we're being needed more than ever, our funding is decreasing," Yvonne Cassidy, who's in charge of Soup Kitchen, said. Statistics of the census of the homeless in 2012, released by Department of Housing and Urban Development of the US, suggested that the number of the homeless has been over 630,000, among whom, a large part of veterans who become one of vulnerable people in American society. Except for the homeless, people who have incomes bear great pressure caused by rent, the increasing housing price and bank loan.