NYC Mom Commits Suicide, Jumps From Window With Baby

Category: Society / Mar 14, 2013 3:20PM EDT
Tragedy struck Harlem on Wednesday when a 45 year old mother, holding her 10 month old jumped from her window. The apartment was eight floors up, when it is alleged the woman named Cynthia Wachenheim jumped after an alleged fight with her husband. Shocked on-lookers described the scene: "It like bounced off her chest and onto the floor but the baby was crying, it was still alive." “Couples argue. People argue. Families argue. But there was no screaming, there was no beating, there was no banging, just arguing." Cynthia landed on her back, leaving the baby strapped to her chest alive. Baby Keston was rushed to Harlem hospital where he remains in a stable condition. Ciynthia however was pronounced dead at the scene. Video Courtesy OF Reuters