NYC Officer’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Category: Society / Nov 30, 2012 5:40PM EDT
A photograph of a New York City police officer crouching next to a homeless person and offering the barefoot man a new pair of boots on a cold night in Times Square has drawn an outpouring of praise after it was published on the police department's Facebook page this week. By Friday afternoon (November 30), nearly 535,000 people had clicked a button on the department's Facebook page to indicate that they "liked" the photograph. Tens of thousands left comments, most praising Officer Lawrence DePrimo for his charitable deed. The photograph was snapped by Jennifer Foster, an employee of the Sheriff's Office in Florence, Arizona, during a trip to New York this month. She took the picture shortly after she noticed the man asking passersby for money. After Foster took the photograph, she posted it to the NYPD Facebook page. She said she was some distance away and the officer did not know he was being photographed. DePrimo was humble in explaining his act of kidness: "It was freezing. The first thing I thought was 'This is absolutely unacceptable', so I went up to him and I said, 'Where are your socks or shoes or anything?'" DePrimo, aged 25, joined the force in 2010 and lives with his parents on Long Island, according to The New York Times. He paid $75 (USD) for the boots from a nearby Skechers store after an employee there gave him a 25 percent discount upon learning they were to be donated to a man in need.