Obama To The Rescue: Pregnant Woman Nearly Faints During His Healthcare Speech

Category: Media & Culture / Oct 21, 2013 4:05PM EDT

Standing behind Obama in a form fitting red dress was a pregnant woman intently listening to Barack Obama’s speech about health care on the steps of the White House Rose Garden on Monday. But after a few moments it was clear that something was wrong.

Karmel Allison swayed and lost color in her face, taking deep breaths as the President of The United States spoke to his country. The woman standing beside her clutched her hand offering the woman some support.

Allison has suffered from Diabetes since a young girl of the age of 9, and this is reportedly the reason for her inability to hold herself up as she looked dazed and unwell.

Obama held the lady by her arm and said “I got you, you’re ok” before she was taken up the stairs and out of the Rose Garden. Allison took to her twitter to confirm she was ok, tweeting

“I’m ok world- just got a little lightheaded. Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me! And good thing this pregnant diabetic is pregnant”


Video Courtesy Of Reuters