Occupy Wall Street: A Rain Drenched Protest Calls to 'Take Off Your Clothes' To End Corporate Greed

Category: / Sep 20, 2011 5:50PM EDT
I am here because I am scared for my country one sign read in the midst of the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccotti park, in New York city's Financial district. --------- tarps, tents and card board lines the park while groups of people talk, sing and tweet all the happenings of the protest. As rain beats down, spirits remain high in the park as the police presence keeps the event very peaceful. while moving through the crowd you can't help avoid the feeling that the authorities are treating the protestors fairly, however members of anonymous explain that there have been many attempts by the police to keep the protest quite. One member explains that this morning authorities exposed thousands of dollars of computer an sound equipment to the rain after pulling the tarps off of the area they were using as storage. This included cameras, laptops, and a PA system allegedly ruining the majority of the equipment. An un-named anonymous member expressed his frustration over the media coverage of the event saying they are giving us a media blackout more or less, after the first day i haven't seen any more local coverage, they have been here, but there are no stories on it, whether this is the truth or not the whole scene is very subdued, as the group has taken refuge in a park that does not get to much exposure from passerby's. However a group of about 10 protesters on the sidewalk have taken to singing and striping down to their undergarments as others give speeches to the people walking by.