Ohio Man Charged With Kidnapping And Murder: Three Women Found In Plastic Bags

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 22, 2013 3:09PM EDT

Arraigned on Monday was an Ohio man who is suspected of killing three women, whose bodies were found, wrapped in plastic bags. He is being charged with three counts of aggravated murder and three counts of kidnapping.

The registered sex offender, Michael Madison, 35 appeared in court hand cuffed while he quietly told the judge that he understood the charges held against him.

Mayor Gary Norton commented on the search that was instigated to search for more possible victims, after the three bodies were discovered near the apartment building where Madison lives:

"That search turned up a number of things. It turned up information from people, it turned up physical evidence and in one case cadaver-sniffing dogs hit positive spots in a general area. We brought in a second cadaver-sniffing dog, a third cadaver-sniffing dog - all of them responded to the same general area which brought in BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) again and conducted a more thorough search. Fortunately, with the grace of God, there was not another victim found yesterday," 

One of three victims has been identified as 38 year old Angela Deskins. Authorities are still working to identify the other female victims.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters