Oil Pipeline Breaks, Spilling Oil Into River In South China

Category: World / Jan 14, 2013 12:55PM EDT
The Zhanjiang-Maoming No. 529 oil pipeline of Maoming Petrochemical Company (MPCC) broke, spilling about 10 tons of oil into the Nanxi River in Zhanjiang City, south China's Guangdong Province, Sunday. Emergency measures were taken: Valves of the pipeline were turned off immediately and firemen spilled foam into the river to prevent possible fire. Meanwhile, the river was blockaded at both upper stream and downstream to prevent the oil from spreading farther. Five oil pumping units were operated to clean the floating oil. "After examination, we could make sure that the leaking point is at the inner pipe of the pipeline jacket. The real pipeline is inside the jacket, and there are space between the two, and the oil spilled from the crack," said Yin Zhaolin, vice general manager of MPCC. According to person in charge, a plan to find the accurate location of the leaking point has been discussed in order to keep safety, however, it could be sure that the point is within a section of 25 meters of the pipeline beneath the bridge. "Our principle is to keep the environmental contamination to the minimum at any cost," said Yin Zhaolin. The reasons for the leak is under investigation, and whether the surrounding environment would be influenced, or how much, need further estimation.