Oldest Living Male Silverback Gorilla Turns 52-Years-Old

Category: Technology / Apr 29, 2013 11:51AM EDT
Zoo Atlanta celebrated the 52nd birthday of Ozzie the silverback gorilla, on Friday (April 26). Ozzie is believed to be the world's oldest known living male gorilla, according to zoo officials. Ozzie was born in the wild in Africa in approximately 1961 and over the course of his 25 years in Atlanta, Georgia, Ozzie has fathered 12 offspring, five of whom still reside at the zoo there. The silverback gorilla also has nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Zoo Atlanta is home to North America's largest collection of western lowland gorillas, who are a critically endangered species in need of urgent conservation attention. Wild populations may have declined by as much as 95 percent over the last two decades as a result of habitat loss and poaching. Video Source: Reuters