Olympic Champion Usain Bolt Set To Race Rio's Copacabana Beach

Category: Sports / Mar 28, 2013 3:33PM EDT
Fastest man in the world, and six-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Thursday (March 28) to compete in an 150 meters exhibition race on famed Copacabana beach over the weekend. Bolt will launch his season as he squares off against three other world-class sprinters on a specially-built track set up only steps from the crashing waves of Brazil's most famous beach. "This is my first serious sprinting race for the season so, I'm just looking forward to it. I've ran on a track in the street before so this is the first time running on a beach, so it's going to be very interesting. So I'm just looking forward to it. Should be good," said Bolt. Bolt's prestigious Olympic pedigree meant that he was inevitably asked his thoughts on the recent closing of Rio de Janeiro's stadium after city inspectors warned the stadium's roof was risk. The stadium is scheduled to host athletics at the 2016 Olympic Games. "I was informed of this but, for me, accidents happen everyday. As you said the Olympics is three years away, so I'm sure they will get it fixed by then. But you can't look at it as a bad thing. Like I said, accidents happen all around the world. Just one of those things, but they have enough time to fix it, so it should be okay," said Bolt. Bolt is set to race Sunday (March 31), wrapping up the publicity tour of Rio de Janeiro, which also includes a visit to a future Olympic project and local athletics center for underprivileged children. Video Source: Reuters