Pakistan Tribesmen Lay Corpses In Government Protest

Category: World / Jan 16, 2013 12:11PM EDT
[WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT] Tribesmen from northwest Pakistan dumped 15 bloodied corpses in front of government offices on Wednesday (January 16) in protest against what they claim were extra-judicial killings by security forces. The grisly protest in the northwestern city of Peshawar follows a three-day sit-in by members of the Shi'ite community alongside the bodies of 96 people killed in a sectarian bomb attack in the southwestern city of Quetta. There have also been protests against alleged corruption in the capital. Protesters said security forces had arrested the victims on Tuesday (January 15) after the beheading of six paramilitary forces in the area three days ago. The bullet-riddled bodies were later dumped in their village. On Wednesday, the bodies were placed on blankets in front of the governor's home in the provincial capital and the protesters insisted the corpses would not be buried until their demands were met. Their demands include an impartial inquiry and punishment for those responsible for the deaths. A committee of protesters demanded the government stop a military operation in their area, withdraw a five-year-old curfew and compensate the victims. The military strongly deny the claims against them.