Pakistani Girl Shot By Taliban To Get Titanium Skull Reconstruction

Category: Society / Jan 30, 2013 4:38PM EDT
Malala Yousufzai captured the world’s attention when she was shot in the head by the Taliban in October, after advocating education for girls. The young Pakistani girl will soon undergo reconstructive surgery to help rebuild her shattered skull and restore her hearing. Doctors at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital in England said on Wednesday that they plan to place a custom-made titanium plate over the large hole on the left side of her skull. They also plan to give the 15-year-old a cochlear implant in her left ear, so her hearing can fully recover. Medical Director, Dr. Dave Rosser, said she is handling the situation well. "She's a remarkable young lady, she really is. She's very lively, she's got a great sense of humour," he told reporters. Yousufzai has been a champion for women’s education since the age of 11, and she is very aware of the dangers she faces by continuing her activism. "She is not naive to any of that but she remains incredibly cheerful, incredibly determined and incredibly determined to continue to speak for her cause. She really is a remarkable young lady," he said. Malala has been recovering from home, after being released from the hospital in early January. If all goes well, she should fully recover from all her surgeries within the next 15-18 months. Video Source: Reuters