Passengers Enjoy a Mid-Air Fashion Show

Category: Entertainment / Dec 10, 2012 11:39AM EDT
Israeli fashion house Frau Blau soared to new heights on Thursday (December 6), staging a fashion show for curious passengers on board a flight from Tel Aviv to Budapest. Invited by budget airlines Wizz Air, to promote the opening of their latest route between Israel and Hungary, the organisers and Frau Blau's designers were excited about the project. "This is project is about combining a dais of innovation, we're talking about the first flight by Wizz Air airline from Israel to Budapest to Hungary. We are talking about the first ever time that there is a fashion show going on in the air in the plane by the Israeli well known designer Frau Blau," said Victoria Kanar from Bottom Line Consultant Company. "It's very interesting idea for us to take part in project like that and to be.. also going to discover something, first time we are going to Hungary, we are going with group of very beautiful girls with famous models. They are going to discover something about new culture and to show Israeli culture for Hungarian people, Hungarian public," said Frau Blau Designer, Peter Blau from Ben Gurion airport. The Israeli fashion company was founded by in 2002 by Helena Blaunstein and Philip Blau. The couple's designs look to bring humour into the fashion mainstream.