Patriotic Nail Art All the Rage at London Olympics

Category: Society / Aug 03, 2012 5:00PM EDT

Olympic athletes appear more patriotic than ever if their fingernails are anything to go by, flaunting elaborate nail art of their national flags in a beauty trend sweeping the 2012 games.

Medal winners have been snapped on the podium flashing colorfully patriotic nails.At a pop-up salon set up by sponsor P&G in the Olympic Village, nail technicians are tackling up to 40 sets of nails a day as athletes catch on to the trend.

P&G's head of grooming said Britain's Union flag and the U.S. Stars and Stripes have been battling it out as the most-asked for designs.

"Well the first week the Union Jack absolutely won hands down, I mean we're in Britain so that's no surprise, so we did a lovely lot of Union Jacks, and the second week much to our surprise the USA took over, so i'm not sure whether that's just because the USA are a particularly bubbly and vivacious nation who particularly wanted to show their love of their country, or whether it's because it's a big team," she said.

P&G says they are amazed by the success at the salon, leaving Olympians waiting days for their patriotic turn.