Penguins Become Santa's Helpers To Bring Holiday Cheer To Japanese Aquarium

Category: Technology / Dec 08, 2012 10:45AM EDT
One flock of penguins at a Japanese aquarium south of Tokyo is looking to replace Santa's elves as his helpers. The penguins at the aquarium perform a daily "Penguin Christmas Parade", where a group of 6 penguins don their finest winter clothes and parade in front of delighted visitors. After managing to finally get around to their destination, visitors are then allowed to touch the penguins and even take pictures with them in front of a "Merry Xmas" sign. Once evening rolls around, the penguins have one more special task. They are the ones who get to turn on the nighttime Christmas lights, with the help of a little seafood. The penguins will be working as Santa's helpers until Christmas, with daily parades and lighting ceremonies on the weekend.