Pets Reunited With Their Owners After Oklahoma Tornado

Category: Media & Culture / May 22, 2013 4:02PM EDT


Misplaced pets from the tornado in Oklahoma were reunited with their owners after the town of Moore was shattered with damage that killed at least 24 people:

"He was across the way and we saw him on the porch. So we said, 'let's try to get him.' He came out to us and he was so scared and skittish. But it's someone's baby and we're going to send him to the shelter and hopefully someone can pick this baby up."


"Just relief, I don't care about the house, I don't care about anything else now. We're okay. We're all alive. We have our family, our dog; we're going to be okay."


"We've watched them grow up like children, and so losing them is like losing my sisters. It just takes a toll."

"They're a little shell shocked when they first show up. They're scared in a strange situation being approached by strange people, nothing is familiar anymore, I mean even the smells have changed. Animals are very attune to smells. They're very nervous. They try to escape because we're scary to them."

The make-shift shelter has been set up to temporarily house displaced pets by giving them shelter and food. The animal Industry Division of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture is seeing the project which aims to provide a happy ending for both owner and pet by reuniting them.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters