Photographer Zooms In On Ocean Pollution

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 08, 2013 12:39PM EDT
One Australian photographer has found a way to use garbage as art to highlight the issue of pollution in our oceans. In the world’s ocean, there are 6 kilos of trash to every 1 kilogram of plankton. This statistic is what inspired Kim Preston to create her Plastic Pacific Series. Through the use of disposable household goods, that are known to clog up the ocean’s waterways, Preston hopes to raise awareness of the issue. "I feel that we as the seven billion people on this planet need to start thinking about the repercussions of our actions and the way that we are living our lives. It's broader than just about the pollution in the sea and that pollution killing our animals," she said. "It's just about the impact of every decision we make day to day and how that will affect us now and in the future." The Plastic Pacific series features images ranging from shower cap jellyfish or sandwich bag whale sharks. Since the 2009 United Nations summit on climate change in Copenhagen, public debate on dealing with environmental issues has declined. But, despite this fact, Preston’s work has garnered attention from across the globe. ''I'm just trying to inspire people to think and I think that's the most that you can ever ask if you're trying to create art work or be an artist is to inspire independent thought and I really hope that my images will do that," she said. Ultimately, Preston wants people to think about how they could reduce their use of plastic, from individuals to the world's biggest organizations. Video Source: Reuters