Photographers Camp Out Waiting For Princess Kate: How They Are Passing The Time

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 10, 2013 4:22PM EDT

The world is waiting with baited breathe to meet the newest addition to the Royal Family: Will and Kate are expecting their first child and the media frenzy is building as photographers mount outside the hospital waiting for the moment to grab their money shot when Kate arrives to give birth to the royal heir.

But to pass the time many have flexed their humor muscles writing signs on ladders with messages like “Please don’t feed the photographers’ Jo Bounds a writer explained:

"Yeah the photographers have been putting notes on their ladders because obviously they're not sitting on their ladders the whole time. I think it’s just a bit of fun as well because when you're sitting on a ladder for the best part of a day you want to have a fun time as well."

The journalists have also enlisted gambling to pass the time as they enter polls about what sex the baby will be, name and the day it’s born.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters