Pig Virus Detected After Dead Pigs Found Floating In Shanghai River

Category: World / Mar 11, 2013 1:48PM EDT
More than 2,500 dead pigs were found floating in China’s Huangpu River on Sunday (March 10), and now China’s state news agency has reported that scientists found traces of the pig virus, PCV, in one of the samples taken from the location. Sources from the Shanghai municipal agricultural commission confirmed that some samples tested positive for the pig virus, but all other river water tests came up negative, which includes swine fever, hog cholera, and epidemic diarrhea. The dead pigs, found in one of Shanghai’s main water sources, triggered a public outcry from both pig farmers and the Chinese public, who are very concerned with food safety and environmental pollution. While PCV is a common disease amongst pigs, it is not known to be harmful to humans. The Shanghai government released a statement on Monday that said workers were continuing to remove the carcasses from the river and it is currently closed as they monitor water quality. The Chinese government plans to invest over $850 billion over the next decade to help improve the water supply system, which can often become contaminated by fertilizer fun-off, chemical spills, and untreated sewage. Video Source: Reuters