‘Polar Vortex’ Continues To Flex Its Arctic Muscle As Niagara Falls Freezes

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 09, 2014 9:57AM EDT

The ‘Polar Vortex’ has now caused millions of Americans to bundle up to fight the arctic chills and record lows. Suffering the most is the Eastern United States which saw Niagara Falls begins to frost and freeze. Visible to the eye were areas of the 176 foot Niagara Falls covered in ice, as some areas were completely frozen over in a unique sight.

Authorities have given flash flood warnings to two islands in the area as large amounts of ice continue to build up in the river. This winter wonderland that is being created at the Falls which is the border between The United States and Canada is caused by the soaring polar air mass which has caused the severe wind chills and extreme lows.

Experts are predicting that this unusual winter freeze will subside by the middle of next week as over 240 million Americans and southern Canadians continue to be affected by the ‘Polar Vortex’.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters