Police Arrest Naked Man for Assaulting Two Young Teens

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Category: Society / Sep 05, 2012 9:24AM EDT

Two teens were attacked at the city park in Seattle, by a man on Tuesday who then stripped down and jumped into a lake to avoid capture. 19 year old Daniel Gonzalez recounted the attack:  "I'm pissed because that guy hurt my sister. Because my sister cannot defend herself. I have to be the one to do that for her. I hope that guy gets help,"  Richard Puckett, a witness recalls what he saw: "What caught my attention was this guy just barreling out from my periphery and just tackle these two people. And I just thought it was a bunch of kids playing around very roughly and by the time I went up, the mother was very upset, I saw the kids on the ground, crying and bleeding." The attacker dodged the police for several hours by going in the water and hiding around the area. Eventually a police dog was able to distract that man and policed subdued him. Police said the man was then transported to hospital for observation, and then later to jail.