Police Caught On Camera Beating A Woman With Their Batons

Category: World / Mar 05, 2013 4:04PM EDT
The government of northern India’s Punjab state ordered an investigation into the police assault on a woman. The woman complained to the police about sexual harassment then officials were captured on camera beating the woman. The policemen were suspended after local media published the horrific pictures of the woman being beaten by batons. The victim described her ordeal: "While I was returning from a wedding, some taxi drivers harassed me. I told my father and brother about this; they went to speak to those taxi drivers, who attacked them with swords and iron rods. My father, brother and I went to the police but they refused to register a complaint. They didn't even ask me what had happened. They told my father: 'She is mad', and brutally beat me," A probe will now take place by the magistrate. Video Courtesy OF Reuters