Polish Chefs Make Massive Lasagna in Honor of Italian Euro 2012 Team

Category: Sports / Jun 21, 2012 9:09AM EDT

Chefs in the Polish city of Krakow created a huge lasagna on Wednesday (June 20), made in honor of the Italy soccer team staying nearby for Euro 2012.

Italy has reached the quarter-finals, where they will face England on Sunday.

England and Italy, the giants of European football, rarely play one another.

The Euro 2012 quarter-final on Sunday will be their first meeting in 10 years, and their first competitive contest in almost 15 years.

The lasagna took 10 hours to cook and was sliced into 10,000 portions.

However, the chefs were not sure if the Italy players would partake of the meal.

Even if the players stick to their diet and avoid the lasagna, the Makro centre manager and executive chef said they had a nice time making it, and they enjoyed showing that the Poles are proud to have the Italians stay there during the Euro cup.