Popular 'O To Go' Obama Bagel In Ramallah Gets A New Twist For Obama's Second Visit

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 20, 2013 11:57AM EDT
A Ramallah bakery owner, Nasser Abdelhadi, baked an Obama bagel dubbed 'O to go' during U.S. President Barack Obama's first visit to the region in 2008. Now for Obama's second visit, the baker made a new bagel, but with a slightly different twist. Reuters reported that the bakery first baked a special cheese filled Obama bagel in 2008 and named it 'O to go', to mark the occasion when Obama visited Ramallah as a presidential candidate. Now five years later, the bagel is slightly different -- it’s empty. The baker, Nasser Abdelhadi, added that the bagel symbolizes how expectations and enthusiasm for Obama have changed, and the economic situation is worse, according to Reuters. The 'O To Go' bagel was placed on display in the shop on Wednesday with a photograph of Obama eating. The baker is also responsible for the UN Pizza, that’s shaped into a Palestinian flag as well as the largest Tabouli salad which made the Guinness Book of Records. Obama arrives in Tel Aviv on Wednesday and is scheduled to visit the West Bank city of Ramallah on Thursday where he’ll meet the Palestinian President and Prime Minister. (Video Source: REUTERS)