Powerball Winner Surfaces: What Would You Do If You Won The Powerball?

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 26, 2013 5:23PM EDT
Making history as the fourth largest win in Powerball History, Pedro Quezada had every reason to smile today. The father of five from New Jersey walked away with a whopping $338 million dollars from Powerball. The father has already affirmed that he wants to use his winnings to help others. But learning from history, what have other Powerball winners done with their cash? Philip Pina a mechanic won $29 million dollars in 2007. The bulk of his cash was used to invest, as he went to a financial advisor for help. He then spent some cash renovating his shop where he works as a mechanic. Patrick Nowlin won $19 million dollars and he used his cash to help those closest to him. He assisted in helping his town pay for the 4th of July fireworks, contributing to a celebration that everyone close to him could enjoy. He then donated $2 million dollars to the diabetic wing of The University of Wisconsin. His son suffers from diabetes and he also used the cash to fund his treatment. But with money, comes problems: Past winners by all accounts have affirmed that once people know you’re an instant millionaire they want financial help from you. The question is who would you help if you could? And if you were an instant millionaire how would you spend your fortune?