Pregnant Kate Middleton Figurine Designed for Nativity Scenes Hits Shelves in Italy

Category: Entertainment / Dec 05, 2012 11:38AM EDT
Nativity scene makers in Naples, southern Italy, were working double speed on Tuesday (December 4) rushing out the latest addition to their collections, a pregnant Kate Middleton standing next to her husband Prince William. The figurine of the Duchess of Cambridge was being painted by a craftsman, apparently wearing her wedding dress and standing next to her husband dressed in the uniform he wore for their wedding. Kate's model shows a prominent rounded stomach. Enthusiasm for the news of the new royal birth has shot around the globe and even the tiny streets of Naples have been caught up in the excitement. "Auguri" - 'Good luck', read the tiny painted message beside the couple. Craftsman in Naples have been carving nativity scenes since the 19th century and have used their art to portray important events of the times. Many Italian families have a scene on display in their homes during the Christmas period. Over the years the displays have become more complex, often mechanized with miniature windmills, waterfalls and wine and olive presses to portray everyday life. And this year even the new heir to the British throne can have a place under the tree.