Prince William Revealed In New CNN Documentary: ‘A Lot Of Thing’s Affect Me Differently Now’

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 12, 2013 11:41AM EDT

Prince William became a first time father to son George with wife Catherine, in July and now important decisions have been made: He will step down from the military. He discussed this choice in a new documentary for CNN his two new passions: African Conservation and fatherhood.

"When the young prince arrived in Africa for the first time, the splendor of an African sunset, the deep quiet of the bush, and the majesty of the animals captured his heart."

"I had no real idea that I would feel that way that I never realized how much emotionally and sort of mentally it would affect me. It was absolutely magical."

"You want to stand up for what is very vulnerable, what needs protecting."

"And those same feelings have become more intense for Prince William after the birth of his son, Prince George."

"I think the last few weeks for me have been  just a very different emotional experience, something I never thought I'd feel myself and I find, again, it's only been a short period, but a lot of things affect me differently now."

It seems fatherhood has changed the Prince and given him new direction for his passions. The documentary titled “Prince William’s Passion: New Father New Hope” will air September 15th

Video Courtesy Of Reuters